FALL in LOVE with Fall

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The heat of summer is coming to a close; hay’s in the barn!  You’ve worked hard, put in the time despite humidity and hot, sticky mornings, BUT you did it and now, all that effort is about to pay off.    First, let’s take a look at why running in the fall is AWESOME! 1. Beautiful Scenery: The leaves are changing – brilliant shades of orange, red, and yellow!! The surroundings transform overnight; a scenic journey […]

The most important meal of the day

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You’ve heard the axiom, “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day,” but is it REALLY that important? Yes, it’s been kid tested, mother approved!  As we sleep, our metabolism slows way down to replenish glycogen stores and aid in muscle recovery.  Upon waking, the engine is running on “E,” blood glucose is at a daily low.  Eating a healthy breakfast replenishes the fuel tank with two scoops of active potential.  You are what you eat, […]

Lexi Temple

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Each month Pace Right Coaching chooses an athlete who shows pure dedication, hard work, and great progress in their running both mentally and physically. From day one to now, Lexi has made amazing progress. Hearing she did a 9:27 mile the other day just made me smile. I am so proud of her. Lexi has gone from thinking of running as a punishment in her sports to really enjoying it which is what it is […]

Lindell Servis

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Why did you choose to work with Pace Right Coaching?  . I chose to work with Pace Right Coaching because, I Liked the results others were getting. I have been following Pace Right Coaching for some time prior to my own commitment Via Instagram due to my running followers. Upon watching posts and seeing the results Amanda was helping her clients get, I figured id give it a try and see if she can help […]

Torchlight 5k

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Run with Fire they said… It will be fun they said… I have never been so happy to see a finish line in my whole racing career! Wednesday’s race was a scorcher and I am so proud of everyone that was out there running! It stormed throughout the day, with clouds parting just a few hours prior to start.  The conditions weren’t ideal, there was a lot of humidity, but the city was alight with runners and […]

Freedom Run Recap

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Make July 4th your day to celebrate freedom from the couch, liberation from your domestic confines, and independence from a sedentary lifestyle!  Each year, we celebrate our nation’s birth by getting outside and staying active.  This year was no exception.  Tuesday, at the Apple Valley Freedom Days, Jason and I ran the 5 and 2-mile respectively.  It was an M80-level blast!  My focus, as of late, has been geared toward speed which made the 2-mile […]

Foam Rolling

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Self Myofascial Release or foam rolling is a simple and effective way to aid in recovery, movement efficiency, flexibility, and pain reduction. Benefits of foam rolling: Correct muscle imbalances, relax your muscles, improved flexibiliy, reduced soreness, improved recovery time, improved neuromuscular efficiency How to: slowly roll the sore area until you reach a tender spot, hold that spot to relax the area then proceed to the next tender spot.  Considerations: Foam rolling is not recommended […]