Get in Gear 5k Recap

Get in Gear – Minnesota’s Annual Rite of Spring


What a great day for a race!  About 40 degree temp, very little wind, and a scenic course along the mighty Mississippi! The Get in Gear draws huge crowds; for many, it’s the first race of the running season.  I must say, it’s one of my favorite events.  It was efficiently organized, the route was completely flat, and there were post-race goodies aplenty! Awesome!

The morning started out pretty typical; coffee, makeup, then deciding what to wear, a daunting task! I pick out my outfit the night before, then change my mind in the morning.  #girlproblems

7:45 Jason and I head out the door. On the way, we get stuck in traffic, confined to commuter-limbo.  Forty minutes later, we park, ending our automotive wait-line, and thus begins our line for the shuttle.

8:40 We finally hop the Magic School Bus to the start.  Good thing we got our packet at the expo Friday evening!

9:05 I begin my warm-up jog, an easy 10 minutes, cut short due to previously mentioned delays.

9:17 Race begins! In search of a tactical place within the start corral, I realize the gun had sounded  -no time for lollygagging – I must maneuver this crowd like a Walmart shopper on Black Friday!

Mile 1 (8:45) – I dodge crowds throughout the mile, expending a little extra energy, but from a positioning standpoint, worth it!  I see Jason running alongside, taking pictures – I do like photos of myself (who doesn’t) – clear the pack for better positioning and curb photobombers.

Mile 2 (8:39) – I continue accelerating , just a tad, when disaster strikes, a huge stomach cramp.  I focus on finishing the race, side stitch alleviates, and potential crisis is averted.

Mile 3 (8:42) – Final mile, I drop the pace a bit. Where’s Jason?  I haven’t seen him for awhile, but wait…  Is that him!? Yes!  Around the final corner, there he is! I always get a surge of excitement when I see him!

Mile 0.1 (8:30 pace) – As with every race, I try to make it an all-out effort and this last .1 felt like 2 miles! Crossing the finish line I am overcome with joy and excitement. I hug my Jason, and thank him for all his support! (I can be an emotional runner sometimes)

Even though today wasn’t a PR, who cares. I set out to do a 27:30 and beat my goal by 39 seconds. I call that a win! Overall I placed 166 out of 1422; 45 out of 888 females; 9 out of 88 in my age group! These are among my best stats in such a big race!

5k Official Time: 26:51

Splits: 8:39 pace 8:45, 8:39, 8:42, 8:30


In hindsight, we should have left the house earlier and gotten a full warm-up in (I usually perform best with a 2-4 mile warm up), but all-in-all, I feel as though I rocked this performance! Upcoming races this month are the TC 1 mile, Valleyfair 10k, and Brian Kraft Memorial 5k. It’s so refreshing to get back into racing on a regular basis! Some people enjoy sleeping-in on the weekends, I look forward to waking at the crack of dawn for a race! I realize that not all runners compete, perfectly fine, however I love the race atmosphere.  It’s as much a race against one’s self as it is against fellow runners

A special and most sincere thank you to my fiancé, Jason. To have support like his throughout my journey has been most enabling. He supports my dreams in Coaching runners and even took a day to build me an office to work! He is there in all aspects of training – taking the role of fellow runner, chauffeur, bag checker, and race photographer.