Week 1 of 12

About 7 months ago, I started my journey to a figure competition but gave up by week 4 because I could not stop the sugar and I didn’t have a clear picture of why I wanted to do the show. I was so settled in the fact that I am just a sugar addict and that this is who I am and how it was going to be. That was a load of crap.

Recently I realized that giving up will not get me to the weight, visible abs, or tight butt that I desire. It was time to get to work! I have the power to define me; not food! Come along with me on my 90 day/12 week journey to a healthier me! 

For ‘fun’ about a month ago, I took some photos when I never thought i would see progress; EVER. BUT…Check out the photos below!! I am definitely looking forward to 90 days from now!!