Rundown from injury? Joints inflamed?

I’ve been there. Taking time to recover from injury inhibits performance, delays progress, and is  physically detrimental.  Let’s avoid these setbacks!  Our training programs exploit stabilization, strength, power, and recovery techniques to complement your running goals.  Whether you’re a 5k beginner or an avid marathoner, strength training is a fundamental element to any running routine mixed with progressive running plans.  These strategies have saved my fitness.  My exclusive focus on running, and the resulting knee and shin injuries, had me sidelined me for an entire year.  However, through the incorporation of a new strength approach, and a structured running plan, I’ve been able to stay injury-free and drop my 5k time by 9 minutes in the last year!  Train smarter, not harder! 


The top two videos were my running gait before my injuries. My hips, glutes, and hamstrings were very weak placing a lot of stress on my knees to absorb in every step. I was not strength training at the time so I had no stability or balance in my muscles and joints.

The bottom video is my running gait now; stress fracture free. I strength train about 4 times a week which fits nicely into my 5 running days. I want to help runners understand the importance of strength training to help reduce the risk of injury. Contact me to get started on a goal appropriate strength training plan today!