Daniel Kuvaas

Intermediate Obstacle Training Schedule Review

The Duration for this plan was just about right.  8 weeks is enough time to show measurable improvement from the beginning to the end.  It ended up taking me a little longer to complete due to an injury that required some recovery time and couple events that drew some significant recovery time.  Overall it was a great training plan that took me outside my comfort zones especially on the Strength Training and HIIT days.   Overall my pace has improved by around 30 seconds per mile and the upper body strength obstacles have been easier for me to complete. 

Strength Training

I’ve been a typical gym goer where I find a few things I like and stick to them.  The problem is that the things I don’t like are the ones that I probably need to do the most.  Most of the strength training skills that Amanda recommended were just this type.  They might not seem difficult on paper, but the different muscle groups engaged really had me working.  My Core strength and grip strength especially improved.   Amanda was also able to make an adjustment when I changed gyms so that could use the available tools. 


I rarely did conditioning work after strength training prior to this plan.  I think this has improved my overall endurance.  I’m certainly planning to make it part of my regular routine moving forward. 

HIIT Workouts

I’ve found myself loving HIIT workouts in general.  I used to only get my cardio in from running and really had plateaued previously.  I’m quite certain that these workout are what lead to my improved pace performance. Again, they bring me a little outside my comfort zone with some of the skills, but just what I needed.  I’ve actually gone out and purchased most of the tools needed so that I can do a number of these moves at home. 

Run Intervals & Endurance Runs 

I’ve long been a runner.  I’ve typically set up my runs as either endurance, interval or hill sprints.  I suspect that I spend most of my time above a heart rate best for improving overall performance.  Amanda’s plan do a really good job of applying discipline in setting different paces.  It was customized to my initial starting pace and fit my level of running quite well to improve my long race endurance.