Heather Lang

Why did you choose to work with Pace Right Coaching?

I really struggle with consistency and keeping up with my work out plans and wanted to work with someone who could hold me accountable and coach me to reach my goals. Pace Right Coaching offered custom run plans that made my workout schedule more structured with motivation and encouragement to keep pushing me along when I hit road bumps.

What do you like about online coaching?

I love online coaching because I have easy access to my plans right through my phone or computer. Whether I’m out of town, at the gym, or at home I can keep up with my workout schedule. I also love that I can make changes to my plan when needed and have direct contact with my coach! The message feature is the best because I can ask questions about my workout whenever needed and will get a quick response!

What are you training goals? What are you training for?

Right now I’m training for my first half marathon. I’ve always enjoyed running but I’ve never been able to stick to a routine long enough to build up my endurance and distance. Each week I hit a new PR in distance. I feel like I’m reaching a new goal and that’s what keeps me going along with the great encouragement from Coach Amanda!

What is your biggest accomplishment within your training with Pace Right Coaching?

I ran my first 10k, which is the farthest I’ve ever ran. Never in my life had I imagined running longer distances than 4 miles, but now I’m doing it on the regular which feels amazing! I couldn’t have done it without the plans Pace Right Coaching have set up for me to follow.

Do you recommend Pace Right Online Coaching? Why or why not?

I absolutely recommend Pace Right Coaching Online! Amanda really takes time to create your plans and it is so accessible! She really cares about making sure you’re progressing towards your goals, while also providing realistic advice and guidance to make sure you are injury free throughout all of your training!