Jessica Waldron Kraemer

Do you want a customized plan to help you reach your goals? What about someone to coach your through your plateaus or when you feel like giving up? Want someone to push you to your best, but do it in intervals of different activities??? Then Amanda and Pace Right Coaching is perfect for you! Amanda creates plans that target different muscle groups, with fun and innovative interventions. She mixes up movements in time limited intervals to give you a bang for your buck. Each one will rock you to your core, but is simple enough that anyone can understand.

As a coach, Amanda is amazing! She always knows what to say to get you motivated, keep your spirit up, and pushes you (gently) to try new things. When you plateau, she is right there to help you figure out different ways to change up your routine.

With Pace Right Coaching, you get the experience, flexibility, encouragement, and interventions to move you past your original goal and onto reachable targets. I would recommend Amanda and her coaching site to anyone wanting to achieve a specific exercise goal.


I’m excited to begin working with her in the upcoming months to get back into my fitness goals for the year, as well as, to prepare for my first 5 K of the year.