Valentines Day 5K Recap

Yesterday was such an amazing day for a race; no wind, 40 degrees, and mildly sunny – Perfect!  I hadn’t run a long run for a couple weeks, as I have been awaiting new shoes in the mail, and couldn’t wait any longer (still do not have the shoes).  So Saturday morning, Jason and I put in an easy four miles, then competed in the TC Valentine’s Day 5k.

While racing, I tend to struggle around mile four.   It’s my slowest split, and no matter how far I go in distance, four is always the mile I get hung-up in; my hips tighten, my lungs gasp for air.  As part of a no-issues initiative for the 5k, we took preemptive action by running four miles ahead of time.   The strategy seemed to work, as racing commenced it felt like a jog, and I was able to progress the pace to a final time of 27:08.  This may be the start of a new warm-up tradition for me.

Going into the race, I wasn’t looking to compete, or set a new PR, just wanted a fun event; goal time of 28 minutes. In the past, I would get upset if I did not PR in a race.   While hitting a personal best is an amazing feeling, it’s impractical to assume a PR with every race. Just get out there and do your best!  Try not to put too much pressure on yourself, it’s mentally fatiguing and can sometimes impede performance. Just have fun!!!


6:00 – We woke-up, had a little breakfast, and got ready to leave. I did about 25 minutes of foam rolling before we left since I wouldn’t have my foam roller on location.

8:00 – Depart for Lake Nokomis.

8:30 – Arrived, found the perfect parking place, and set out for a 4 four mile warm-up.

9:00 – Scouted the race course and stopped to get our numbers/shirts.

9:15 – We ran our things to the car and went out for one last warm-up mile.

9:25 – We posed for our glamour shots at the photo booth, then proceeded to the porta-potties.  The lines for answering nature’s call apparently needed volunteer supervision, as there were verbal instructions from the officials on line formation  – I have never received direction on porta-potty use before – haha

9:45 – Race line-up – we got in the 8:30 pace corral

10:00 – Race began!

Mile 1 (9:16) – When we came upon the first mile marker, the clock said 9:20, I told Jason that we should slow down a bit. I felt like I did, but that was not the case.

Mile 2 (8:54) – This mile marker seemed to come-up quick, to which I was grateful! Nonetheless, I still just wanted to keep it a tempo pace. As we approached mile 2.4, I really wanted to pick it up, so we went for it.

Mile 3 (8:12) – I started weaving in and around people to push my way to the finish, my lungs started to feel like they were going to burst. Then I heard a volunteer yell, “It’s a great day for a race!”,  I mentioned to Jason, “says the one not running” – I thought it was kinda funny.

Final .1 (7:40 pace) – I wasn’t wearing my glasses, which made visibility difficult.  I asked Jason if we were almost to the end (I hate looking at my watch, it psychs me out) and he said it was just ahead. So I took one last big breath and kicked it to the end. Our finishing time read 27:08.


I was very impressed with the organization of this race. It’s an annual tradition, for Jason and I, to do a 5K on Valentine’s Day together. We don’t run together in other races since it is important for us to do our own thing as well. The only issue during this race was my shorts kept riding up! I guess I should have trained in them more beforehand! All-in-all, it was a great way to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Jason is such a patient man.  Even though he is a lot faster than me, he still finds joy in running together.

To see our finish, click this link, I am in the pink shorts running next to my man in all black.