Virtual 5k?

Have you ever signed up for a race and then, due to circumstances out of your control (too cold, car won’t start, sick child, missing the sign-up deadline, etc.) you were not able to make it to the event? I know I have; it super sucks!  Jason and I missed sign-ups for a Valentine’s Day Race and were super bummed; however, we did do a virtual race instead and had a blast!  We even got medals, all for a low, low total cost of $25!! Below is a photo we snapped post 5k!

What is a virtual race?

A virtual race has no official start time or official race day. They are flexible. We all have busy lives, virtual races cater to this aspect 100%.  It understands that not everyone can make a physical race, but still offers that competitive feel. Other benefits include: No parking issues, no crowd, no bathroom line, no weaving through crowds, and no pressure from others! Also, virtual races are typically lower in cost as well! You have the support of an online community and you train for them just like you would a road race! Run with friends or run alone! Get your family involved, make it a tradition, something to compete with yourself on!


 Why run a virtual race? 

Perhaps races in your area are sparse. Maybe your busy schedule prevents organized road races. You might prefer to run alone. What if there was a way to run a race on your own time, be rewarded, AND still have that competitive feel? THERE IS! Run a virtual race!


How does a Virtual Race work?

It is super simple, which is one HUGE reason I love them! Registration is performed online.  Selecting an event depends on what you’re looking for in a race, some races offer incentives: medals, shirts, drinking glasses, etc. You choose the route, starting line, or you can run on the treadmill! Want to run?  Great!  Walk?  That’s awesome too! Maybe a little bit of both, whichever you choose! Then, you simply send in your finish time and the host will send out your medal! Sound simple, right? It may seem strange to the traditional racer, but as our world is changing, convenience is a priority for many, and making it to a race isn’t always in the cards!


How is it considered a race with no competition?

A valid point, I used to think the same thing until I completed a few virtual races for myself. Some people simply do not like to run in a crowded, overpriced road race. Virtual races typically have an online community of support, where runners will motivate each other and provide health competition!


Let’s Recap

Potential Cons: No ‘finish line’ to cross, no physical run competition, no blocked-off roads, not a set date to train toward (unless you work it into your plan!).

Pros of Virtual Racing: Convenience, lower cost, no pressure, no parking issues, online community support, great for beginners to advanced runners!

If you have never tried a virtual race, perhaps out of hesitation OR lack of understanding, try it! It’s good to try new things; it keeps our minds and bodies healthy!

Pace Right Coaching is hosting their first virtual 5k for the month of January (I Run 2018 virtual 5k). Use Code newyear18 to receive 20% off your signup through December 15th! You will receive a custom race bib and medal! (Click Here)

Don’t let the fear of something new or ‘untraditional’ stop you

from the potential love of a new way of racing!

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